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Raccoon & Crawfish An Award Winning Production

About the Movie

Raccoon & Crawfish is a 3D animated story based on an oral tradition of the Oneida Indian Nation. Told with great effect, this is the story of a fateful meeting between a scheming crawfish and his mortal adversary, a hungry raccoon. The DVD includes the voice of a true Oneida Elder also speaking some words in their authentic Oneida dialect. It is a tale that will captivate children and adults alike with its rich images and moral story. Ask for the DVD or DVD (and beautifully illustrated) Book Combo Pack at a store near you.

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Character: CrawfishCrawfish’s name among the Oneida people is “tsye’elo:lu”. Crawfish loves the water. He is boastful, that is why he did not understand how cunning raccoon is. Did you know that Crawfish has very good eyesight and can move his eyes independently from one another? That means when he is looking at you with one eye he can look at Raccoon with the other.

Character: RaccoonRaccoon’s name among the Oneida people is “Ati:lu ka.” Raccoon is a very clever trickster and mischief-maker. He is agile and can move quickly to acquire food, especially when juicy delicious crawfish are close. Because he is very smart, he knew that Crawfish might be an easy catch for him. Did you know that Raccoon can run up to 15 miles per hour and is a good swimmer?

Character: EliEli is a young Oneida boy who enjoys fishing with his grandfather, especially when they get to ride in Grandfather’s big red truck. But more than anything, Eli enjoys listening to stories of Oneida legends. Laksot’s stories help Eli understand about the Oneida way of life.

Character: GrandfatherGrandfather’s name in Oneida is Laksot. He is an Elder. In Oneida culture, an Elder has a very important role. He is responsible for knowing and passing on the Nation’s social and moral knowledge, including basic beliefs and traditions. He has earned the respect of his community and is highly respected. He is a very good listener and a good storyteller.

Character: Crawfish Character: Raccoon Character: Eli Character: Grandfather
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